Speed, acceleration, power (of the engine) but also safety, stability, and comfort. These are the most important values for the automotive industry. There is no place for compromise in this regard. What is more, the requirements are getting bigger and bigger. The automotive industry is still developing. Some of the features like side airbags that used to be an some additional extra in a car, are now a standard. Today, it is necessary for companies in this industry to develop new technologies such as incorporating Internet of Things and the autonomous technology. In order to be in the swim and maintain competitiveness, you need people – your employees. Not „some” people, but the best of the best. You need the specialists for whom „automotive values” mentioned above are not only empty words, people you can trust. We will find them for you! Our automotive industry researchers will find the best engineers in this field and our automotive recruitment specialists will talk to them to assess if their experience, knowledge, and expectations are compatible with your expectations. Our company is one of the best automotive engineering recruitment agencies thanks to the excellent candidate database and experienced automotive job recruiters. That is why we can guarantee the success of your motor industry recruitment process. Axamo is the best automotive placement agency for you!


Who we supply?


  • Stress engineers
  • Quality Managment Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Purchasing and procurement specialists
  • Lean Manufacturing Specialist/Continuous Improvement Specialist
  • Automation engineer
  • CNC Machinists
  • Production workers