IT industry is developing very quickly and as an integral part of nowadays world it cannot be separated from other industries. IT people are needed everywhere: in the automotive industry, the banking, the consumer electronics, the trade. Almost every branch uses some software dedicated for them (e.g. CRMs). If there are some industries, where IT specialists do not contribute to, it's only the matter of time, when they do. Dynamic development and usage of new technologies are the reasons why the IT industry needs people, who are not only knowledgeable but also open to new possibilities and eager to learn. Finding them is not an easy task, but here in Axamo we do love new challenges. Axamo is one of top IT recruitment agencies thanks to the knowledge and experience of our IT recruitment specialists. Axamo’s IT recruiters will find you the best people in this field and then will choose the ones who are compatible with your company's mission and values. We will guarantee the success of your recruitment process!


Who we supply:


  • Java Developers
  • C# and C++ programmers
  • Embedded software programmers
  • Business Intelligence specialists