All Types of Engineering Specialist

We have ongoing access to candidates who are looking to develop their career in engineering in the UK and who are willing to relocate – we give help and advice on relocation to candidates – this is all part of our package. You might need to source experts to work in engineering sectors including: aerospace, automotive, energy, infrastructure and maritime and we can provide them.

Axamo focuses on providing engineering staffing solutions to clients across the United Kingdom. When you approach us with a role requirement, our dedicated team of specialists in engineering recruitment will analyse those requirements and put in place our unique procedures which are designed specifically to maximise quick and precise results.



Understanding Your Requirements

Our candidate searches are based on their numerous different skills and abilities, including general industry-specific experience, knowledge of controls, types of materials and overall business concepts. All of these keywords and topics allow us to ensure accurate results for you.



Axamo’s Tools

We make full use of an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which has been designed specifically to identify your requirements and locate swift solutions.  By using such a system, all of our engineering recruitment consultants can keep up-to-date with any changes made in the marketplace. We also invest in candidate resourcing by providing a selection of job boards where new positions appear frequently and where candidates can easily make contact with us. Job boards are a reliable way of attracting all types of candidates, locally and nationally. We are also able to recruit candidates through social media campaigns directly targeted to the skills, geographical area, education and other requirements of the Employer.