Why us?

We know that each candidate seeking employment brings us a multitude of engineering skills and so much varied training and experience too. So, each candidate is presented in a different way to our clients and the cutting-edge database helps to get your message across to them very effectively. We not only provide you with job offers, but also we are with you through the whole recruitment process.


Each engineering sector recruitment project is managed by an experienced recruitment coordinator and supported by a recruitment team who are responsible for vacancy marketing, candidate research, referral analysis and all other aspects of the multi-layered process.


Interview Tips

We not only provide you with job offer, but also help you to prepare for the interview. Here are some tips for you!


  • If you are nervous about attending a job interview, ask us to provide you with a ‘mock interview’. We’ll give you a list of questions normally asked at interview and we’ll help you to locate the interview desitination too. Do you know your way around the town/city where the interview will be held? If you don’t, we’ll give you transport options, help you to arrive on time and ensure that you bring the relevant documents with you.
  • It is very important to be yourself at the job interview, remember to state your qualifications, if asked. It’s always better to have your CV with you.
  • Listen to each question being asked of you and if you do not understand the question, request that is re-phrased.
  • Be prepared to ask any questions that you might have, too – it’s important to know what type of machinery you’ll be working on
  • If the interview is held at the premises where you’d be working, ask if it is possible to look around, and then thank the interviewer for their time, if it has been possible to see the plant/location.