Is it worth lying in the CV? What can be the consequences of lying?

Is it worth lying in the CV? What can be the consequences of lying?

Published on: 30 Oct 2018

Good CV is a necessity when you want to get a good job. The bigger experience you have, the better chance you have to get the attention of the recruiter. A number of skills connected with the job position and your level of proficiency in them are also especially important. If you aren't sure about your experience and skills, you can be afraid of being beaten by better candidates. At this time, you can experience the temptation to „improve” your CV by lying. What about adding some skills, you don't have or writing that you have worked in the industry for a longer time? No! The temptation can be strong, but it's always a very bad idea. Why? The truth will emerge and you will have to face the consequences.

You can lose the trust of your employer

Even if you get the job, you will lose the trust of your employer as soon as the truth emerges. Your lie may be a tiny one and not influencing your work directly, but the bad impression remains and doesn't disappear quickly and easily. You've already sent the message that you are eager to lie. If you lied on your CV, you can lie later too. Trust is an expensive value in business and it can be easy to lose, especially at the beginning.

You can get a bad reputation

Recruiters (especially the ones from job agencies) frequently know each other and can discuss about candidates. What's more, they can also work for different companies. If they noticed on the interview that you had lied on the CV, they wouldn't be interested in inviting you for other interviews for different companies. Your bad reputation can have legs.

You can have difficulty with your tasks

The moment when the truth emerges can be the one, in which you get the task whose completion demands a skill you wrote in your CV. It's definitely simpler when you know anything about it or you can learn it fast. However, not every skill can be easily acquired. Sometimes, its acquiring can last even a few years. How to do something you aren't able to do in any way? It could be really embarrassing to ask for help in such a task!

You can be fired very quickly

If a particular skill or experience is required to perform your job, any employer can't afford to have an employee without required qualifications. Working without these qualifications can mean a bad quality or even posing a danger to other employees! Lying about these qualifications in your CV will always finish in the same way: losing a job. You would have to always explain to recruiters why you worked for such a short time.

You can feel bad at work

If you lied about your skills and characteristics such as communicative abilities, you would have to pretend and masquerade all the time. It can be easy for one day, but after some time you would be exhausted and frustrated. Working in such conditions can be impossible for a long time.


Lying in the CV can be beneficial only for a very short time. When the truth emerges, you definitely will be in trouble!