Onboarding – how to welcome your new employee

Onboarding – how to welcome your new employee

Published on: 25 Sep 2018

Costs of acquiring a qualified, talented employee aren't small, especially in a very specialised area like for example engineering sector. If there aren't many people who work in a particular branch, finding then can be, to say at least, difficult, and finding a real talent is unlikely. Due to it, engineering recruitment can be really expensive and that's why you should take care of a good employees from the very the first day of their work. You may ask how to do it? The answer is simple - you should take you time and be sure you did a professional onboarding process.

Stages of onboarding

 Onboarding has 4 stages, which should be completed to fully prepare a new employee for a new working environment:

  • Compliance – Dealing with all administrative issues such as signing papers, creating a new email account and giving access to the tools necessary for work. This shows that the company takes person seriously and person’s sense of security is satisfied.
  • Clarification – Explaining goals and tasks of the new employee, both to them and to their colleagues. No one wants to work blindly without clear aims and goals to achieve. Why come to work if you don’t know what is expected from you?
  • Culture – Explaining formal and informal rules of behaviour and achieving goals in the company. It may seem silly, but knowing how formal or informal you have to be truly matters. Nobody wants to come to work wearing smart casual instead of formal attire or say “Mark” instead of “Sir” to his new boss.
  • Connection – Integration with co-workers and the company's mission. The feeling of belonging is quite crucial in keeping good employees bonded with the company. As long as a person identifies himself with the employer’s goals and feels welcome in the company, he will have difficulties to leave because of minor reasons. Also, we spend so much time at work that our co-workers become our family and making a new person part of the family is important stage of onborading.

All stages mentioned above are crucial in successful preparation of a real talent for a new working environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s in engineering company or medical one - omitting any of them can make a person feel unwelcome and not bonded with the new employer. Taking your time and this four simple steps can save you time and money spent on finding a real talent.