Recruiter as a mediator between a client and a candidate

Recruiter as a mediator between a client and a candidate

Published on: 01 Oct 2018

Mediation is a proven strategy for overcoming differences between two parties: ex-husband and ex-wife, countries in conflict, members of neighbouring communities. A mediator is a neutral person who is able to recognise the needs of both parties, because of not being personally affected. The mediation can be really effective not only at the time of a conflict but also in „good times” for example during the job recruitment process, in which each party has good intentions (but not always the same ones). Who can be a recruitment mediator? The best option would be a specialist working in a recruitment agency. What are the advantages of treating the recruitment process as mediation between a client and a candidate?


Both parties are satisfied


Expectations of employers and employees can differ. When the differences are huge, it isn't a perfect match. As simple as that. But if the expectations differ only a bit, there is a room for a negotiation. Despite of the fact that the recruiter works for the employer, it's not enough to take care of client satisfaction. Candidate satisfaction is as important. Why? Even if the client would convince a candidate for a lower salary, fewer benefits or other important aspects, an unsatisfied employee can leave the company in a short period of time. The situation in which both parties are satisfied is the best... for both parties. Every experienced recruitment consultant knows it and does his best to meet the needs of a client and a candidate to the same extent.


Mediation is conducted by a qualified person who knows the market and the requirements of the recruitment process inside out


An owner of the company who is searching for some employees and even many of HR assistants know only a narrow part of the job market. Their knowledge of requirements and salaries given in a particular industry can be acquired only by comparison of job advertisements placed in job boards by competitive companies. However, assumptions made on them can be totally wrong! Recruiters from the recruitment agencies know the market very well, thanks to numerous interviews with many candidates and clients. Thanks to it, a client of such an agency doesn't have to worry about being ''milked'' by an employee. Help with making best deals is definitely recommended!


You can save time and money


The recruitment process is really expensive. It costs a lot of money and time and it doesn't end with the moment of the successful interview. Help with recruitment is needed later too. The best specialists (and it's recommended to search only for the best people) have a lot of job offers to choose from. That's why they have their own requirements, which can be really high! The negotiation phase is crucial for the whole recruitment process. Calling the candidate and meeting face to face require much time, both from the employer and the potential employee! It's difficult given the fact that the HR department's time is limited. At the same time when you are trying to find some place in your schedule, a competitive company can „steal” your candidate! It's definitely a better solution when you transfer the responsibility of negotiation to the recruitment agency!