Why it's always worth to use a recruitment agency

Why it's always worth to use a recruitment agency

Published on: 21 Sep 2018

Very often employees complain that finding a good job is a real challenge. Employers offer salaries lower than expected by the employees, few social benefits, and seemingly unfriendly working environment. On the other hand, finding a qualified and reliable employee is also a difficult task. This is especially true in cases of specialised industries, where there are not so many qualified people in the area. One of the best examples could be engineering recruitment of for example CNC specialists, stress engineer or quality engineers. Finding a good engineer or even an office administrator understanding the difficulties and peculiarities of the industry can be extremely difficult. How to overcome this problem? Instead of wasting a lot of time and resources for advertising, searching, scanning CVs etc. a better solution would be using a recruitment agency. Why it's always worth to use a recruitment agency instead of your own recruitment resources?

You can save time

Time is money. Searching on job boards, publishing job advertisements and answering applications can cost a lot of time. The same situation is with looking through Linkedin profiles and contacting specialists there. A recruitment agency would do all these things for you, and even more! People in agency like Axamo have contact details to passive candidates, who are the best specialists in their area, placed in their own database. Your recruitment resources can focus on interviewing best candidates presented by the agency instead of wasting their valuable time in restless search of the best candidates possible. You don't have to worry about formal issues too. References of job candidates are always examined closely and all mundane task of arranging the interview is on agency’s site.

You can reach people, who are unreachable in other ways

As mentioned before, recruitment agencies frequently use their own databases full of CV of variety of candidates matching different requirements. You are looking for quality engineers with knowledge of AS9100? No problem, they have him. A stress engineer with knowledge of Ansys? Yep, again – they have him in their books. In fact, as nowadays most of the candidates are passive and wait for job offers being sent to them, if they even consider changing their job, it would be difficult to contact them in the other way then through agency. Those candidates’ may have been involved in some other recruitment processes and have existing relationship with recruiters. Why not to use that? It is worth spending some money on reaching otherwise unreachable people.

You can be sure that the recruitment process will be professional

If you don't hire new people very often, you don't have enough experience in it. That's why you can make mistakes choosing wrong people, who don't understand your company's values, are incompetent or difficult to work with. Personality matters, that’s why recruitment agency will also check their values, reliability etc. Workers of recruitment agencies have many interviews to their credit and they know how to talk to candidates to choose the best ones.

If you still have doubts if using a recruitment agency is good for you, contact us and ask any questions you want to- we will be delighted to speak with you and clarify all your doubts.